We are keen to sell you a piano!

Do you want a top-of-the-range brand new piano at £3000 or more for the aspiring recitalist or a piano at £150 for someone who is just starting?  Or something in between?

The majority of our pianos are in the £400 to £1000 range depending on the basic quality of the piano, and the amount of refurbishment that has been done.

Call 07713 851333  for an informal chat to discuss your needs and set up a visit to our showroom.

Pianos, unlike good wine, do not improve with age.  The better the quality of the piano the longer it tends to last - so long as it is looked after.  For instance, central heating is not good for a piano, so one should never be placed next to a hot radiator.  Too much dry heat tends to shrink the timbers which loosens joints, and can even crack the sound board.

Obviously, excessive moisture is also to be avoided, so storing them in cold sheds and barns will definitely not preserve your piano, although this would be arguably better than a super-dry warm house.

Even with normal use the hammers get worn, bushings can become loose, or sometimes seize up.  And cases get damaged.

The aim of refurbishing a piano is to restore it to the best playing condition possible.  Cost is a major factor.  Our aim is to sell a piano that sounds good and plays well for a reasonable price.  A full case restoration could double the cost of a piano without altering the sound of the piano.  Most of our pianos are between fifty and one hundred years old and the case often reflects this.

We offer a two year guarantee on all pianos to cover any unforeseen faults that may develop after selling, assuming that the piano has not been mistreated in any way.

Brand new pianos of course will have their own manufacturer’s guarantee.

The tuning of a piano depends highly on the ambient conditions.  After buying a piano from us it will adjust to its new surroundings over a few weeks, whereupon we will tune it free of charge.  Subsequent tunings will depend on usage but we recommend at least once a year, charged at our usual rates.



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