Pianos for Sale

Pianos need not be as expensive as you think! 

If you ask around you might easily get an old one for nothing. But usually, you get what you pay for!

We do offer a consultancy service, (for a small fee plus travel costs),  so that if you see a particularly lovely piano, perhaps on Ebay for instance, and you want to know whether it is worth the asking price, plus the expense of transporting it, we can examine it to see whether it is a bargain or not.  Obviously we cannot guarantee such a piano.

Carlisle Pianos cater for people who want a decent piano for less than £1000.

We aim to provide a piano that sounds good and plays well, and, with care, will last another lifetime.

To keep costs down the cases will have had sufficient work done to make the piano presentable.  Of much more importance is that the action is responsive and this where we concentrate when refurbishing an old piano for resale.

At the top end, in stock at the moment is a brand new Toyo NA116.  (W59″ x D24″ x H45.5″)

Price £2500

The delivery cost will depend on the destination.

We can also offer a Schimmel, (W59″ x D20″ x H44″), made in 1992, in excellent condition for £3300.


At the other end of the scale we usually have a few pianos for  beginners, in the £150 to £400 range.


At this time of year there are many children being encouraged to start learning the piano.  But of course parents are often reluctant to buy an expensive piano until they know that their child is going to stick with it.  The Brasted, (just sold) shown above, is an example.  It is a straight-strung, over-damped, with a very pleasant tone, ideal for an introduction to learning the piano.

At the top end of this range we can offer a Hopkinson, dated from about 1914, (W61.5″ x D25.5″ x 53.5″) at £400.  It is quite a large piano and has a correspondingly large sound although the tone is quite soft.


As to the rest we have a Steck (W55″ x D19″ x H40.5″) at £550

It has a good bright tone throughout and an easy touch.


We repair and regulate the action so that they play as well as they can, and while we renovate the casework to a certain extent, you have to bear in mind that these are vintage pianos.  There are sometimes minor defects, which is to be expected in instruments that are nearly 100 years old!

Recently  renovated is a Steinbach, (W57.5″ x D26.5″ x H50″).  The action has been completely refurbished so it has a light and responsive touch and an excellent tone.  The top part of the case was “modernised” 50 years ago, according to the fashion of the time, while the lower half was untouched.

We are offering this at £550.

Also just renovated is a Floemur, (W60″ x D24.5″ x H52″).

It has a very pleasant tone, at concert pitch, and is priced at £750.

Shown below is an Eavestaff, (W56.5″ x D19.5″ x H39″), priced at £700.

This is a very compact piano, much shorter than most.  Although shown here it still needs work on the action before it is ready to buy.

We rarely have any grand pianos in stock, but we often know of people wanting to sell theirs, and we can facilitate the transfer.

However, at this precise moment we have an Irmler boudoire grand at £1100.

This is just under 7 ft in length (W57″xD68″xH41″) with a good tone.



We have over 30 more pianos in the pipeline that will be added to this website as they become available.

Updated 12/6/14


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