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During the Victorian Era the piano had the same sort of status as the car.  In 1851 there were some 200 companies making pianos, mainly in London.  Now there are none.

Piano making is restricted to a few well-known names in Europe, America, and of course a few in the far east, mainly China.

Piano making in Britain has all but died out, but in 2012 Cavendish Pianos resumed the tradition, setting up a small factory near Bolton Abbey in the Peak District.

The best known manufacturers are perhaps Steinway.  And of course Bechstein.  Of the best known English makers, even Broadwood transferred to Norway in 2003.  For a very comprehensive history of the piano, and masses of fascinating stuff click here.

For list of piano makers click here.  (although it is far from exhaustive)

For some hints and tips on the care of pianos click here.


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